(She is) The One

[Hey, it’s Jim. Leave a message.]

Pam: Hi

[Hey, this is Pam. Leave a message.]

Jim: Hey! It is me. It is 5:03

Pam: I figured I’d catch you walking to your car but…

Jim: Guess you must be out or something

Pam: I’ll leave a message

Jim: I don’t know, is it me or are we a little off today?

Pam: I guess this is just one of those days. It’ll get better

Jim: Hope you didn’t have any major laundry issues

Pam: I finished my laundry. Got all my socks. Nothing like that time that crazy guy pushed you

Jim: Hey, you remember that time that I helped you do your laundry and that crazy guy came in and started yelling at you?

Pam: And then remember we went shopping the next day to buy me a washer/dryer

Jim: And here you are back at the Laundromat. I’m just trying to help you Beesly. Be safe

Pam: You’re probably upset that I’m even at a Laundromat right now. But don’t worry, I’m being safe. And I’m headed home…I’m headed to my dorm…not home

Jim: Wish you were home. Uh…anyway

Pam: Anyway…um…I miss you

Jim: I miss you

People love getting new things, but the best stuff has a story behind it. A lot of times, it’s only after we get rid of something that we realize how much we miss it. And things that seem worthless suddenly turn out to be super valuable, maybe even precious.

—Luke in voice over at episode conclusion | Modern Family, Season 5, Episode 10 (The Old Man & the Tree)

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